We’re Launching a Cookbook: The Tahini Table!

Are you familiar with tahini? If you are, great, and if you’re not, even better.

I’m Amy from Soom and I’m here to introduce a series of cooking videos that I’m doing for my new cookbook! It’s called The Tahini Table.

The Tahini Table is really just an amazing opportunity for us to accomplish our goal of making tahini a more popular pantry staple in the American market.

I actually just got this back from the publisher and it’s pretty surreal and exciting. And I want to take a couple minutes just to explain to you the process about how we got started and completed The Tahini Table and really who was all involved and why this is such a special thing for us to be sharing with you.

So I got to write The Tahini Table with Andrew Schloss. He’s an amazing award-winning cookbook writer and actually originally was a customer of Soom! When he was here, he asked Shelby and me, “have you ever thought about writing a cookbook?” And we immediately said, “no, you know, we’re not chefs, why you know, how could we write a cookbook? And Andy said, “well I love writing cookbooks and I know that you know tahini better than anybody in the States, so I think this is a great opportunity to do together.”

And a lot of our philosophy here at Soom has been to surround ourselves with people that are better than us at certain things, and it just felt like Andy walking into our office literally was a gift and an amazing opportunity to help us accomplish our goal of making tahini a more familiar pantry item in the American market.

So Andy and I worked for months collaborating on recipes. I’m not really known as a recipe follower — thank you, Mom, who’s also not a recipe follower — so as Andy and I were working together, he really had the skills to bring together these ideas and these inspirations about tahini into delicious, amazing recipes.

So The Tahini Table has 100+ recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and everything in between all celebrating tahini. The Tahini Table will be available wherever books are sold. It’s available for pre-order now and the pub date is November 10, 2020 so fall of 2020.

And one of the reasons why I loved working with Andy was we were talking about the philosophy behind cookbooks and he shared with me this analogy right because he knows cookbooks much better than I do, which is cookbooks are kind of like GPS systems. So maybe the first time you go somewhere, you follow it specifically, you don’t even look up to look at your surroundings. And the second time you are more familiar with the route, so you just glance at it a little bit. And by the third or fourth time, you jog it from memory and don’t even need to open the pages or crack open your navigation while you’re driving.

And so that to me was really comforting because it matched the way that I cook, which is not always following a specific recipe, but one of the amazing things about following recipes is it’s a sure-proof way, pretty sure-proof, to having a great dish on your table.

So I hope you take this opportunity to watch my little video, Henry might be in it, it might just be me, cooking from The Tahini Table and some other things that we like to cook also.

We hope you’ll check out The Tahini Talbe wherever books are sold. (But consider pre-ordering it!)

Thanks so much, and enjoy!


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